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There are 10 products.

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GOLD south seas pearl...

Indonesian cultured pearls of natural Gold color as InterchanChangeable Necklace.

17" - 43 cm long, can be shortened

 9,5 to 12 mm, slightly oval glowing pearls with gold and not yellow color + a clasp in a pearl. 

Clasp and necklace can be worn separately, see photos.

Extraordinary rare baroque gold pearls

InterChangeable Necklace including a pearl-clasp. WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT.



BLACK TAHITI cultured pearls as InterchanChangeable Necklace.

From 8,9 to 9,4 mm , very round glowing pearls with large array of overtones matched with 11,2 mm regularly ringed pearl-clasp. Clasp and necklace can be worn separatly, see photos.

Every woman should own a Tahiti pearl strand once in a life...

InterChangeable Necklace sold with a clasp in the ringed pearl. WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT.


PINK Olive Pearl...

Huge olive-shaped APRICOT-PINK pearl strand set as InterChangeable Necklace.

China freshwater cultured pearls. A size rarely seen, very spectacular.

The exact pearl strand pictured is for sale including one pink pearl already set as a clasp.

Worldwide shipment


Silvery Golden lavender...

Amazing LAVENDER PINK with SILVER and GOLDEN overglows pearl strand ; freshwater cultured pearls from China.

This necklace has been upgraded with original silver finials set with interchangeable keys. This pattern is casted in sterling silver (925) in my own studio.

Directly inspired by Mother Nature. Registered pattern .

The exact pearl strand pictured is for sale incl.:

- a pink pearl already set as a clasp

- necklace with silver finials set with steel keys.

Matched  bracelet and earrings available. WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT


Obsidian bead...

OBSIDIAN beads necklace.

This necklace is set as interchangeable necklace with steel endkeys.

14 mm beads, perfect size for a beadstone necklace.

Obsidien has a delicate shade that gently shines when mooving.

Necklace sold with a clasp in a vintage wood beadclasp. WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT


SUNSTONE InterChangeable...

Wear a piece of sun at your neck !

A spectacular SUNSTONE necklace ; delicate honey color with silky cat's eye effect. 

Center InterChangeable Clasp can be worn alone, and necklace alone can be matched to other clasps.

Restrung with a blue silk thread with knots (3 first photos).

Interchangeable Necklace sold with a clasp in a bead. WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT.


Jade Long Interchangeable...

A 83 cm long necklace as InterChangeable rope.

Authentic Jade Jadéite, beads from 7 to 12 mm

with a clasp set in an authentic Murano glassbead with a silver sheet inside 30 x 12,4 mm.

Wear it as a rope with the clasp by the side or double wrapped, wear it as  you like !



Kyanite and Pearl Long...

A rope of 71 cm long with freshwater China Pearls and Kyanite beadstones.
Elegantly and irregularly mixed including an InterChangeable Clasp set into a pearl.

The blue of the Kyanite stone is fascinating and one can never find 2 stones alike.


Double Lapis and Pearl...

A set of 2 Lapis-Lazuli and pearl necklaces to be worn double wrapped or  joined together for a long rope.

Lapis-lazuli beads beautiful carved in an antique style with freshwater China pearls.
Watch carefully: one strand is composed of alternate 2 lapis beads and 3 small pearls

the other strand is composed with inverse setting.

Sold with 2 clasps in a pearl and matched earrings.


5 mm Twisted Cotton Cord as...

5 mm Twisted Cotton Cord as Interchangeable Necklace, casual yet elegant.

Cut at your length, choose setting and color of cord  in the menu below, then click on "choose options" button.

Very soft material, not stiff, perfect with pendant-shaped clasp.

Interchangeable Necklace sold alone.