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GOLD south seas pearl...

Indonesian cultured pearls of natural Gold color as InterchanChangeable Necklace.

17" - 43 cm long, can be shortened

 9,5 to 12 mm, slightly oval glowing pearls with gold and not yellow color + a clasp in a pearl. 

Clasp and necklace can be worn separately, see photos.

Extraordinary rare baroque gold pearls

InterChangeable Necklace including a pearl-clasp. WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT.



BLACK TAHITI cultured pearls as InterchanChangeable Necklace.

From 8,9 to 9,4 mm , very round glowing pearls with large array of overtones matched with 11,2 mm regularly ringed pearl-clasp. Clasp and necklace can be worn separatly, see photos.

Every woman should own a Tahiti pearl strand once in a life...

InterChangeable Necklace sold with a clasp in the ringed pearl. WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT.


Obsidian bead...

OBSIDIAN beads necklace.

This necklace is set as interchangeable necklace with steel endkeys.

14 mm beads, perfect size for a beadstone necklace.

Obsidien has a delicate shade that gently shines when mooving.

Necklace sold with a clasp in a vintage wood beadclasp. WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT


SUNSTONE InterChangeable...

Wear a piece of sun at your neck !

A spectacular SUNSTONE necklace ; delicate honey color with silky cat's eye effect. 

Center InterChangeable Clasp can be worn alone, and necklace alone can be matched to other clasps.

Interchangeable Necklace sold with a clasp in a bead. WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT.


Silvery Golden lavender...

Amazing LAVENDER PINK with SILVER and GOLDEN overglows pearl strand ;  freshwater cultured pearls from China.

The exact pearl strand pictured is for sale incl.:

- a pink pearl already set as a clasp,

Additional pearls available for length till 18,5 "

Matched  bracelet and earrings available. WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT


PINK Olive Pearl...

Huge olive-shaped APRICOT-PINK pearl strand set as InterChangeable Necklace.

China freshwater cultured pearls. A size rarely seen, very spectacular.

The exact pearl strand pictured is for sale including one pink pearl already set as a clasp.

Worldwide shipment


Very large baroque white...


Fancy large baroque freshwater China pearls. The luster is amazing !

Very large pearls, 15 x 11mm up to 20 x 11  mm for the longest, only 24 pearls to make a medium length strand !

(Temporary stringing and setting)

Necklace witht a clasp included. WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT 


Jade Long Interchangeable...

A 83 cm long necklace as InterChangeable rope.

Authentic Jade Jadéite, beads from 7 to 12 mm

with a clasp set in an authentic Murano glassbead with a silver sheet inside 30 x 12,4 mm.

Wear it as a rope with the clasp by the side or double wrapped, wear it as  you like !



Antique Chinese carved...

Authentic antique Chinese coral, round and long carved beads interspersed with hematite accents as a tribute to the Art Deco era.

An InterChangeable Clasp is set in one long carved coral bead. 

Necklace sold with a clasp and a pair of matched earrings.

Opera length 54 cm, can be either shortened to a choker or restrung longer adding the earrings beads to the necklace.

Elegant, an eye-catcher


Kyanite and Pearl Long...

A rope of 71 cm long with freshwater China Pearls and Kyanite beadstones.
Elegantly and irregularly mixed including an InterChangeable Clasp set into a pearl.

The blue of the Kyanite stone is fascinating and one can never find 2 stones alike.


Double Lapis and Pearl...

A set of 2 Lapis-Lazuli and pearl necklaces to be worn double wrapped or  joined together for a long rope.

Lapis-lazuli beads beautiful carved in an antique style with freshwater China pearls.
Watch carefully: one strand is composed of alternate 2 lapis beads and 3 small pearls

the other strand is composed with inverse setting.

Sold with 2 clasps in a pearl and matched earrings.