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Jade Long Interchangeable Necklace

Tax included

A 83 cm long necklace as InterChangeable rope.

Authentic Jade Jadéite, beads from 7 to 12 mm

with a clasp set in an authentic Murano glassbead with a silver sheet inside 30 x 12,4 mm.

Wear it as a rope with the clasp by the side or double wrapped, wear it as  you like !


Only one, available

Jade Interchangeable Rope

Data sheet

material Authentic Jade Jadeite
type of setting steel
size Venitian glassbead clasp 30 x 12,4mm
color greyish green
dimensions 83 cm long
diameter beads from 7 to 12 mm

Specific References

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Kyanite and Pearl Long...

A rope of 71 cm long with freshwater China Pearls and Kyanite beadstones.
Elegantly and irregularly mixed including an InterChangeable Clasp set into a pearl.

The blue of the Kyanite stone is fascinating and one can never find 2 stones alike.