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Large cream and brown Australian boulder opal InterChangeable Clasp

Tax included


Large 50 x 32mm brown and cream Australian boulder opal as a clasp.

A very elegant shape and pattern ; perfect with 5 and 8 mm leather or 8 mm mesh chain necklaces.

Stone-Clasp sold alone. Choose your necklace in the necklace category


available, only one, each opal is unique

"...For in them you shall see the living fire of the ruby, the glorious purple of the amethyst, the sea green of the emerald, all glittering together in an incredible mixture of light."

Pliny, 1st Century A.D.


A boulder opal is composed of a thin layer of opal, or intricated opal over an ironstone boulder.

It is a natural stone, not manufactured/lab made, and not a douplet, nor a triplet.


Most opals were formed in deeply weathered rocks in arid regions. During high rainfall periods, small amounts of silica were dissolved by water.

As the water evaporated, the remaining silica formed the spherical spheres, which create the myriad of colors that the opal displays, to give the opal its unique beauty of radiant color.


Data sheet

type of setting steel
Color cream and white with red and blue splashes
free shipping for 250 € purchase free Fedex upgrade for 750 € purchase
clasp sold alone choose your necklace in the necklace categories

Specific References

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