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INTERCHANGEABLE Silver chain + 3 pairs antique vintage coral beads

490,00 €

Unique one of a kind InterChangeable rope

A one meter long siver chain set with INTERCHANGEABLE fittings to receive either pairs of antique vintage coral beads, set composed of:
- 1 one meter long silver chain, 16 grams
- 1 pair of oxblood faceted antique vintage coral, 5,2 gr, 12,4 mm diameter, slighty different not noticeable
- 1 pair of pink melon carved antique vintage coral, 3,9 gr, diameter abt 11,5 mm
- 1 pair of white with blush accents antique vintage coral, 3,6 gr, diameter abt 11,5 mm


Only one set of 3 pairs of antique coral beads

Age : coral drops from end of 19th c. to mid. 20th c.

Exquisite manufacturing of the silver chain, exquisite color and faceting of the oxblood coral, exquisite melon carved pink and angelskin coral.

The long chain can be worn in 3 different ways: long, double wrapped or slided in a loop, see photos.

Truly one of a kind. I don't have more beads to make a second one.

Even more versatile: matched interchangeable earrings available to fix any of your coral beads on,

Style: classical with a twist, for everyday wear as well as for special occasion.

Safe worldwide shipment.

Fiche technique

matière argent
Composition antique coral 3 pairs
métal des clés de fixation acier
taille rope is 1 meter long
Couleur antique coral beads are deep red, tender pink and cream
diamètre beads are 11,5 mm to 124 mm

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