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GOLD south seas pearl InterChangeable Necklace with clasp

Tax included

Indonesian cultured pearls of natural Gold color as InterchanChangeable Necklace.

17" - 43 cm long, can be shortened

 9,5 to 12 mm, slightly oval glowing pearls with gold and not yellow color + a clasp in a pearl. 

Clasp and necklace can be worn separately, see photos.

Extraordinary rare baroque gold pearls

InterChangeable Necklace including a pearl-clasp. WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT.


Gold pearls are very expensive and a baroque strand is extremely rare at affordable price.

33 pearls including a clasp in a pearl

17" - 43 cm long, can be shortened


The exact strand pictured is for sale  :

size of pearls : 9,5 x 12 mm + a clasp in a pearl of 11,2 x 12,4 mm.

shine : high glow,

shade : gold and not yellow bodycolor

surface : growth marks that do not detract from the beauty, see photos,

shape : baroque oval


The color is natural and due to the Pinctada Maxima oyster nacre

Gold -Pearl-N

Data sheet

material cultured pearl from Australia from Pinctada Maxima oysters
type of setting gold plated steel
size length 42,5 cm
color natural gold pearls
diameter 32 pearls from 9,5 to 12 mm + one pearl clasp 11,2 x 12,4 mm long
Special attention natural growth marks normal for that size, do not detract from the beauty

Specific References

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22 wires BLACK nylon coated...


22 nylon coated wires, set as interchangeable necklace , in BLACK color

For an elegant style, fits any clasp. Cut at your length, "chose options" on ordering.

Interchangeable Necklace sold alone. WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT.